Testimonials from a few participants. Past and Present  

            " Rya has quite the reputation as being one of the best if not the best promoter that central New
              York has ever experienced. I say this not in exaggeration, her reputation and records of highly
              attended public psychic shows is simply preceded by opening up new areas for a psychic show
              and once again being highly successful with that event. On  the psychic circuit, her reputation is  
              explicable - with honesty, fairness and integrity, she treats all the same. Doing her homework, as
              it is called, she is in full knowledge of the area she intends to pursue in having an event.. It is my
              understanding that the waiting list to be put on her circuit as a reader is long and lengthy -
              understanding that she would have only the best to offer to the public, she is selective in her
              vendors/readers/healers. Now, saying that, I have worked for Rya more years than I can
              remember and I am honored and feel privileged to do so. I find myself among top names on
              the circuit such as Ted Silverhand and Kris Faso just to mention a few. There is a standing joke
              if Rya was to offer a show in a swamp - we all would be clamoring to be first on board, because
              we know it is an assured success with Rya at the wheel." - Sincerely in Love and Light, Rev. Jane

              " I have been a vendor at a wide variety of events for almost 30 years now. I have done

              shows sponsored by Connie, or people Connie was working with for about 13-15 years.
              I have always been satisfied with her events. Even a few years ago when there was a bad
              late winter storm that knocked out power and I could only make one day, people in the area
              came out for the event both days! Connie has worked both sides of the counter, as a Reader and
              as a Promoter, and I feel this is one of the things that helps her create a positive experience
              for everyone involved. She puts her heart, creativity, and business sense into each event.
              Connie and her partner Paul really make an effort to do their homework and get the word
              out about their events, and always try to put some support back into the communities they are
              working with.
              She is very protective of her participants and has a reputation for "running a tight ship".
              This helps keep the selection of goods and services available at each of her shows
              interesting and diverse. Connie tends to focus on quality , not quantity, and the energy in
              the room at her events reflects that. I'm pretty sure that is why both participants and patrons
              return annually for the events she sponsors." - Sue-Ryn  Hill Woman Productions

              " Dear Ms. Burke,
               Just a note to say, again, how much I appreciate the great effort, professional organizational
               ability, consideration and kindness you and your partner put into promoting your Psychic Fairs.

               In the past 28 years I have been involved with Fairs, with approximately fifty different
               promoters, in the U.S. and Canada. In my experience you and your organization have first place
               for promoting highly successful events......." - Dennis Cole, Life Management Consulting

             " I can't say enough great things about Ms. Burke as a promoter. Everything she focuses her
               energy on is successful. I do not hesitate to sign up for any of her events as I know that she
               will do her up most to ensure she maximizes her budget and the opportunities with in the
               community. As a reader, I always know that her events are going to be well planned out,
               professional and that she has thought of our needs as well as those of the attendees.
               Her personal care, attention to detail and inventive energy are widely known to all in our
               community. I do not hesitate to recommend Ms. Burke as a promoter. I know she puts her all
               into every event." - Cindy Griffith Bennett


            " Rya, I just wanted to let you know that I'm definitely interested in any other event that you
              are putting on. I believe that you are one of the best promoters that I've ever had the chance
              to work with. I felt like the event couldn't have been planned out better. The building it was
              held in was absolutely amazing, prefect for the event. The attendance was phenomenal in
              my eyes. I've never been to a show where I've been so busy the second day of a show.
              It was an honor o be part of the event and I look forward to any future events that I'm
              invited to. Hope all is well." - Eric Elias the crystal network


             "Rya (or as I know her, Connie) has worked in the field of psychic readings for many years
              before she became a promoter.  It was a learning experience and therefore her work as a
              promoter is based not on gain, but on taking care of her people. She knows what psychics
              need to work best, she knows what works in terms of PR and getting the word out and she
              knows what works best for layout and the physical locations for a good and productive psychic
              fair. It is through her own experience that she knows how to take such good care of us,
              help the show be successful on everyone's terms, and maybe more important, we all have
              a great time! Rya's energy is loving and supportive, but she is also a good business woman
              and works well with others.  I withdrew from doing psychic fairs/shows after some very
              negative experiences, but Rya brought me back. I will do her shows, and only her shows."- 
              Thank you Rya - blessed be!  Kiki Waldron

Alternative Minds of Central New York