​​A note to those that maybe inquiring about being a vendor or psychic at the shows Alternative Minds promotes. Sadly Alternative Minds cannot accommodate for anymore vendors or psychics. It is not a case of not wanting to add more but one of  limited space .
However if you wish to be put on the Waiting List as a potential Psychic or Vendor  click here






Mission Statement :  Alternative Minds mission is to bring like minded people together at it's various psychic fairs,  from the patrons to the participants.

  Having participated in other psychic events I knew what I wanted and what I excepted, however I found some of these events lacking; be it from bad promotional skills or not thinking outside the box. I started promoting psychic events  in 1995 under my other business entity. Then in the fall of 2003 I established Alternative Minds to promote psychic events and other similar type events whenever possible.

  I have worked in the Metaphysical field for the past twenty  years, and  I have been able to draw upon my own knowledge and also that of the public and fair participants and what they are seeking when taking part in an event.

  What makes my promotional skills different from other promoters is the incorporating of different forms of entertainment whenever possible, in addition to raising an awareness for those in need; running a food drive in conjunction with the event, for example. Alternative Minds works with a core group of vendors and psychics whom are very knowledgeable in their particular fields of expertise.


  Thank You


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