Wanderers' Rest Humane Association is coming back  A representative from Wanders Rest will be there offering information  about  potentially  fostering a  pet,  adopting a pet, or volunteering your time at Wanders Rest.  
"Until one has loved an animal,  a part of one's soul remains unawakened." ~ Anatole France

​The 17th Annual Canastota Psychic Fair & Community Food Drive 

The 16th Annual Canastota "Spring" Psychic Fair, New Age Market Place and Community Food Drive
When: APRIL 11 & 12 , 2015
Sat. 11am-8pm, Sun. 11am -6pm
Where: Greystone Castle 201 N. Main St. Canastota NY
Admission Fee: $8.00 ( 
Please note: admission fee does not cover the cost of psychic readings or vendors products) 
Please Note: "The Gift From the Heart Project"
Bring a non-perishable food
item to be donated to the local food
pantry and one dollar($1.00)
will be deducted off the admission fee (all lectures included with admission fee) 



Alternative Minds has worked with many of these

psychics/ mediums, healers and vendors for close to two decades , however all psychic readings/healing services are for entertainment/ relaxation purposes only and should not take the place of professionally licensed treatment or consultations. Conclusions and predictions of psychic readers/ healers are their own personal opinion and are not guaranteed by Alternative Minds of Central New York.

Here is a listing of the various Psychics  that shall be participating at Canastota:
​(Please Note:  if you see this icon        next  to the psychic or vendors name , this indicates it is a link)


Coleen Shaughnessy - Psychic / Medium  

Cindy Griffith - Psychic

Kris Faso 
Seer / Stone Reader / Psychic / Medium


Rev. Jane - International Energy Healer, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher and Spiritualist Minister

Ted Silverhand - Seer 

Danielle Litteer - Intuitive Consultant  


Dennis Cole - Transpersonal Astrologer &

Life Management Consultant

Mark Shaughnessy - Spiritual readings,animal totem messages

Barbara Bennett - Psychic 

Morgan - Tarot, Palm

Barbara Konish  (due to the fact that Barbara has another commitment she shall not be at this event. However she shall be back next year. In her stead Deanna Hubbard shall be offering her psychic services. Click here for Deanna's website)

Sandra Argus - Psychic Tarot, Spiritual Guidance

Sally Gewinner  -  Spiritual Guided Readings  and Animal Commuication Please note: pet not be present

Rev. Kimberly Ward 






Here is a listing of the various Vendors that shall be participating at Canastota:

Hill Woman Productions

Reiki with Don Brennan 

Images of Light

Barried Tresures

Hathaways Elemental Light

Infinite Creations by JD LLC

Western Vision -  Gem & Crystals

For the convenience of the patrons that will be frequenting the psychic fair. Here is a listing of the various eating establishments within the Canastota area. Alternative Minds and it's members are in no way affiliated with any of these eating establishments.


Graziano’s World Famous Restaurant



Greystone Castle 201 N. Main St. Canastota NY

Greystone Castle 201 N. Main St. Canastota NY

Greystone Castle

A note to those that maybe inquiring about being a vendor or psychic at this show. Sadly I cannot accommodate  for anymore vendors or psychics. It is not a case of not wanting to add more but one of  limited space . However if you go to Alternative Minds' Facebook page (link at the top of this website) and message me  your info and what it is you do along with connect info. I will be more than happy to put you on the waiting list . Thank you - Rya